“We have a problem with …”

Often times I hear people say “We have a problem with _ in our organisation”.
Which is perfectly normal. No organisation is without fault. Circumstances change and the world evolves. New perspectives are introduced.
How people approach this seems to differ a lot.
Several great thinkers about this seemed (and seem) very determined that it is crucial to understand that the results, problems and behaviours your organisation currently produces is a direct consequence of the way your organisation is currently set up.

Your organisation is perfectly set up to produce the results you are getting.

If you have a lot of bugs in the things you make. Well, sorry, your organisation is currently perfect set up to produce bugs.

This of course is influenced by the context. No organisation lives in isolation. What happens outside influences the inside. However the pontential to handle all this in a better manner is there. It’s shown in the variation of how similar type of organisations handle the same type of events differently, and get different results.
Using external factors as a scapegoat for your inability to achieve something is very comforting.
Like l’ve heard people say: “It’s hard to recruit in this city/field”. It might be, absolutely. Do you stop at that? Or do you look at what others are doing? How they are doing it? Perhaps you’re just making boring stuff that doesn’t spark joy and that’s why few are attracted to your organisation?